Words of Wisdom: Adam Leipzig – The Real Culture War (TEDxFullerton)

by Elissa Bedwell

Adam Leipzig

“The best way for us to change our culture and to make it better is to change the way we feel about it…the real Culture War is the war to think about our culture and create it.” – Adam Leipzig

I am a huge fan of Adam Lepzig (I’ll save you my jibber jabber on how awesome he is and send you off to see for yourself).

According to Adam, we live in a culture where financial success has taken the place of aesthetic judgement. “Money = Good” is our country’s motto.

In fact, the exact opposite is true: Business success is not the same as creative success.

I found an inspiring TED Talk with Adam regarding the culture war that we face in America, what truths and myths exist about it, and how we can use our own voice, our vulnerability and our creativity to bring about a shift in our own way of thinking.

I also have to agree with Adam — as I have had this thought myself many times over the years — that ingenuity, creativity and inspired living are an important factor in rebuilding and revitalizing our economy. We have to completely re-invent who we are as a nation and how we will move forward in the new and ever-evolving global marketplace.

Creatives, entrepreneurs and artists are at the heart of this transformation It’s time to own our role and take responsibility for the things that are put forth into the world. There’s enough junk floating out there already and it’s up to us to steer the conversation about the good, the bad and the culturally-draining toward a brighter horizon.

P.S. I can’t hear the words “culture war” without thinking about a song of the same title by one of my favorite bands, Arcade Fire. It’s a good one.