From a Dream to a Reality: Leaving the 9-to-5 Grind

by Elissa Bedwell

My very first guest post is from the lovely Dani DiPirro at Positively Present.

I found her blog about a year ago when I was searching to fill my life with more creativity and more meaning. Ultimately, this also meant more adding more positivity.

My spell check says “positivity” isn’t a word. I’ll just ignore that.

Dani’s insight and honesty are what drew me to follow her blog and when we began conversing via email I found her to be just as transparent and endearing as she seemed online.

If you want an uplifiting daily read dashed with humor and fun, you should check out Positively Present. I’m also proud to announce that she has created her very first workbook (Live Happily Ever After Now) which aims to help the reader stay present and appreciate the now.

Living Happily Ever After Now

Live Happily Ever After Now is a workbook created by Positively Present’s Dani DiPirro. It contains a compilation of tips, tricks, articles, and advice designed to help you master the art of staying present.

I’m so excited to have seen her growth and progress and this workbook is just the first step in what I am sure is to become a lifetime of doing what she loves — inspiring others to live a more authentic and present life.

And now, on with the show!

Rushing Through Life

“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” – Will Rogers

From a Dream to a Reality: Leaving the 9-to-5 Grind
Dani DiPirro,

I used to wake up most mornings cursing the day. I spent my weekends and weeknights writing about how to live and love life in the present moment, but when it came to my day-to-day life, I struggled constantly with embracing my 9-to-5 job. Though the job itself wasn’t bad at all—and the people I worked with were great—getting up every day and going to work often felt wrong. It’s hard to explain exactly what was wrong about it, but at the core I had the belief that I was living a life that I wasn’t meant to be living.

For a while, I convinced myself that this was normal; this was how everyone else felt too. But as time went on, I started to realize that might not be true. While most of my friends weren’t jumping up and down with excitement to go to work every day, they weren’t miserable. They didn’t feel like they were losing a part of themselves every time they put on a suit or sat in a meeting. As my friends settled into their careers, I found myself itching to get out of mine and make my own path.

But I was scared. No one else I knew was doing anything other than what was expected of them—getting up each morning, going to work, climbing the corporate ladders of their various industries. While my friends were supportive, many of them raised an eyebrow at the notion of leaving the privileges of a comfortable corporate job. And, quite often, I questioned it as well. Who did I think I was, striking out on my own? How would I survive without my steady paycheck? What risks would I have to be willing to take?

I needed inspiration, guidance—and I needed it fast. Lucky for me, an inspiring duo wasn’t too far out of reach. My parents had started their own company when I was just a young child. From nothing, they grew their dream of freedom from bosses and office buildings to a successful small business that has supported their family for over two decades.

Perhaps it was their business that had instilled in me the need to strike out on my own. Maybe subconsciously they had been inspiring me for years. Or maybe it was just part of my blood—the need to do my own thing, to find my own success. Whatever the reason, I was going my own way—and I needed their help.

For the first time, my father told me stories of what it was like to start a business with two small children depending on him. He had so little money. He had to start from nothing. I remember those early days and how nothing seemed different other than the fact that my dad no longer went to the office every day but instead had a section of the basement dedicated just to him and his work. Miraculously, though he and my mother were stressed and strapped for cash, I never knew about their struggles. It was difficult, he told me, but he never regretted it.

My parents encouraged me to go for it—to go after what I really wanted for my life. Perhaps that’s what all parents do with their children, encourage their dreams, but it seemed like an extra bonus that my dream of working for myself paralleled the dream they’d shared years ago. I was fortunate to have them, to have their support and their wisdom. Without that, I don’t know if I could have taken the leap and said goodbye to the job I’d grown so comfortable in.

Whatever your dream is, don’t be afraid to go for it—and don’t be afraid to find the support you need to make it a reality. Leaving a job to pursue a dream is no easy feat and it requires lots of motivation and inspiration. A lot of that you can do yourself, but it never hurts to have people beside you who will make that giant leap into the unknown a lot easier. Without the support of my parents, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Find the support you need to launch your dream. Financial, emotional, spiritual—whatever type of support you need, find it. Because without it, it will be much, much harder to turn that dream of yours into a reality.


Dani launched in 2009 when she decided to turn her life around and start focusing on the positive while living in the present moment. Positively Present focuses on living positively in the present moment, and since its launch Dani’s personal development site as grown and it continues to impact lives around the world.